You need to move to another level in 2014! What do you think!

Key into this powerful tablets!
Sorry I will not list the prayer points, if you can work hard to get money, you can also work hard to get your blessing, we have 2 days for this year to go, you don’t have to be in the same level you are in 2013 and find yourself there in 2014, you need to move forward, so go and do this mathematics yourself.
Look into the plagues that God sent to Pharaoh, God sent 10 plagues into the land of egypt, in order to release the Israelities out of Egypt, so rise on your feet with a day fasting and key into that powerful tablets as prayers and release those plagues into the lives of your enemies that refuse to let you go, check your bible to write the plagues out and send it to the camp of the enemies that have cage you in the same level.
When you pray the prayer point very well, God will talk to you in your dreams, the answer to that prayer point is in your dream, just try and get what God is saying, then begin to walk into your promise land in 2014.
In case you don’t understand your dream, contact us, we are available, Holy Spirit will interpret the dream!

Note: Don’t be too lazy, pick your bible, check Exodus from chapter 6 to 15, write out the plagues and sent it to your enemies, with a day fasting, and see God taking you to another level in 2014.
Is well with your soul.


About holyspiritmyteacher

This blog is all about learning from the Spirit of God, from the Godhead, because Holy Spirit is the great Teacher, he will teach us all things you want to know through the word, he will give you the right step to take in life in God. Jesus said when he go will send the comforter, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, he will teach us all things. So read and know more about the great Teacher, THE HOLY SPIRIT.
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