Case study- Gen37- Gen45
Joseph was born late, but God single him out from his brothers, he had a dream and they sold him to Egypt, Pharoph’s wife lied against Joseph and he was sent to prison, finally he used his talent, interpreting the dream of the baker & bulter and later interpreted the dream for pharoph and he became a governor and that very day he married Pharoph’s daughter. He knew God and God crown him and prepared a place for him and his family so they will not suffered.
When Joseph revealed himself to his brother they were dismayed, speechless, but Joseph told them that God sent him to Egypt to preserve life and save lives by a great deliverance. God prepare A place for Joseph to save lives.

Have you been down cast, rejected, nobody is there to help, no job, not yet married, delay of child bearing, no promotion for the past 4yrs in your working place, families, friends have neglected you, no assistance.
I have a good news for you that God is preparing a place for you to save lives, like Joseph, but you need to learn from Joseph to know how to come out of that problem and get to that place where God has prepare for you.
1)Try and remember what God has told you in the past, present, now through your dream, revelation, reading and studying the word of God (bible) then act on it, by praying that the good ones will come to past while the bad ones should be destroy.
2)Avoid sin- learn from Joseph he flee from sex, in order not to affect his dream.
3) Obey the commandment of God- isaiah1:19 if you are willing and obedient you will eat the fruit of the land. Deter28:1-14
4) Show Love- love God, love people, most especially your enemy, people that neglect you, reject you, joseph love pharop that sent him to prison at the end Pharop make him governor, also he love his brother that sold him, matt5:44, prov25:21
5) Use your talent- discover your talent in God and use it anywhere you find yourself, so you can stand before king. Joseph use is talent and stand before pharoph. A man that is diligent in his work we stand before king and not mean men, prov22:29
6) Show mercy to people- when you are merciful to people God will be merciful to you, rom9:15 render help to people by so doing God will be merciful to you.
7) Be Truthful- when you are truthful, you will be favour before God and man pro3:3-4 when you are truthful you will receive wisdom from God psalm51:6 Truth is also part of Armour of God to overcome the devil eph6:14.
8) Be prayerful
9) Study,mediate the word of God-Joshua1:8, psalm1:1-3
10) Surrender all to Jesus, have Jesus fully in you
11) Have the fullness of Holy Spirit in you, to lead you, to be your lover, your comforter, don’t allow anybody to take the place of Holy Spirit by comforting you, let Holy Spirit do the work in your life.
12) Praise God always- appreciate God all the time, Joseph talks about God all the time, because he know God.
13) Stir your faith and say my dream we come to manifestation.
When you do all these you will get to the place where God has prepare for you and people will serve you like Joseph and God alone will be glorified in your life.


About holyspiritmyteacher

This blog is all about learning from the Spirit of God, from the Godhead, because Holy Spirit is the great Teacher, he will teach us all things you want to know through the word, he will give you the right step to take in life in God. Jesus said when he go will send the comforter, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, he will teach us all things. So read and know more about the great Teacher, THE HOLY SPIRIT.
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